Quality online marketing is little more than a pretty picture

DIGITAL MARKETING 25. February 2020.

Unless you are presenting your business on these two social networks these days, many will say that it is the same as not existing. The importance of being present on social networks is well recognized, and it takes much more than a pretty picture to showcase business on these digital promotion channels.

It is important to determine your place on the internet, identify your customers and direct meaningful communication to a specific group of people. In addition to the compelling photo and accompanying text, the complete story and the thumbstopper moment is important, that is, the moment why someone in constant scrolling on their mobile device will stop at exactly the content you posted. There are numerous books and courses on real social networking and investment, or paying for posts to be as visible as possible. But before it goes deeper into the subject matter, and begins investing in promoting posts, it is important to differentiate and work well on the planning of the two elements of publication - in photography, ie. video and on the text of the post.

The biggest influencers and best profiles on Facebook and Instagram are recognized for their originality. Instagram is more about creatives and photography / video, while Facebook has more opportunities. For a post to be quality, it must contain a unique photo that is visually appealing to begin with. It is said that video has now taken over and will be the mainstream media on social networks, but the same principle applies to all media - originality and storytelling.

Although your business may by its nature allow for ease of access, you initially create your own photo and video content and devise a concept as your business expands and your online marketing needs become greater. Especially when you decide to pay for the posts you post. In this case, you need to gain a lot more knowledge to create your photos, or it should be left to professionals. A higher-quality smartphone may be sufficient, but often the help of a specialist with complete photo equipment is needed to make a stronger impression.

What you may not know how to do yourself is animation that is increasingly popular online. Highlights your posts for a short and limited time on social networks. In addition to animation, short but well-cut videos will also make your posts interesting. Make sure you use the opportunity of story posts for direct communication. In story posts, the form of communication should be more relaxed, with an emphasis on the message of the story, especially if the videos are longer than those on the Instagram TV option.

It seems as if everyone is focused on photography when they talk about social media posts, the text somehow sidesteps, although it should not be so. It is the text or description that stands next to the photo that can trigger us to look at someone's profile or open someone's post. Copywriting has become one of the most sought after skills of the digital age.

Addressing the right audience with the right words, which should not be overwhelming, with INNOVATIVE photography or video results in increased sales. There are many tools along the way, and it is up to you to make the choice. However, when you make the decision to open profiles on social networks and advertise your business online, you need to keep in mind that just a pretty picture is not enough. You need to be serious about your online communication plan, research your options well, and pay attention to text, or copywriting, which is often one of the main reasons for poor social media posting due to lack of originality.

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