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It is true that today almost everyone has profiles on social networks, but the question is how well they are managed.

Marketing plan

A good quality and professional Facebook or Instagram profile in addition to a beautiful picture and neatly written text requires much more. A striking photography, a caption that attracts likes, and most importantly a planned  story  and the original idea behind it all, form the basis of a successful network presence.

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We are your support

NOVA media  will be your social media backbone to prepare you with an announcement plan, innovative and interactive photos, as well as animations and video posts that are becoming increasingly popular in the digital world. Together we will build your Facebook and Instagram reputation, which with its quality and unique visual identity will surely attract a large number of followers and likes. Leading companies in BiH have shown us their confidence, be you part of our successful digital story.

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Latest projects

We present you some of our recent work.

Social Media

Elixir coffee social media posts

For Elixir coffee, we create posts that present the products of this home roaster

Social Media

Social Media posts Mihajlović d.o.o. Bijeljina

We created sales Social Media posts for the needs of the company Mihajlović d.o.o.

Social Media

Promotion of EuroExpress express mail Package Shop in Visoko

For EuroExpress express mail, we created an animation for social networks

Social Media

Illustrated posts for EuroExpress express mail

For EuroExpress express mail we regularly create illustrations for social networks

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